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Hi this is bharathiraja, I started playing this colour prediction game from January onwards and i lost some of 7 thousand rupees as everyone do. but i started to notice this game, how its working and i learned how to win colour prediction game. 

Now everyday im making minimum 1000 rupees per day from this game, 

i'm not encouraging anybody to play this game and i'm truly saying that any gambling, betting is not the right way to make money also 15 out of 100 people can only make money from this kind of games / platforms.

Otherwise, i will teach the people whoever wants to play this game with their own wish. here i will share my tricks / knowledge to them.

Don't invest high amount, invest only Rs.100/- and grow it to Rs.1000/- Take Rs.500/- daily profit. Don't be greedy, Be smart.

Subscribe my YouTube channel. I have shared many tricks in videos.

Thank you.

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