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How to Win Colour Prediction Game?

What is Colour Prediction game?

Colour prediction game is one of the popular online earning method, There are many colour prediction platforms in the web nowadays. In this game you need to predict the next upcoming colour either red or green. the options are like 50% if you bet on the right colour you will get your amount double. 

How to Join Colour Prediction Game

Register colour prediction game is very simple, Click the below link, give your mobile  number, get the otp, create the password then you can start playing the colour prediction  game. 

Join Mantrimalls - Best Colour Prediction Game Ever !

Join Esmerwallow - New Platform 

Join Joymall - Optional 

After successful signup, you can start playing by investing minimum Rs.100/- on your game wallet. Colour prediction games gives you minimum betting value Rs.10/-

  • Colour prediction game has 4 channels like PARITY, SAPRE, BECON AND EMERD.
  • You can play with all 4 at a same time and make more profit.
  • There will be two option you need to choose, either RED or GREEN.
  • 4. VIOLET colour will come with any one colour like RED&VIOLET / GREEN & VIOLET.
  • You can bet on a colour RED or GREEN/ VIOLET / NUMBER.
  • You will get profit as  RED/GREEN = x2, VIOLET = x4, NUMBERS = X7
  • See the below examples.
  • If you bet on RED or GREEN Rs.10/- you will get Rs.9.80/-as your profit.
  • If you bet on VIOLET Rs.10/- you will get Rs. 41/- as your profit.
  • If you ben any NUMBERS Rs.10/- you will get Rs.82/- as your profit.
  • Let’s think if you are betting Rs.50/- on Green colour, If the result also Green, then you will get double Rs.100/- But if Red comes then you will lose Rs.50/-
  • imagine if you are betting Rs.50/- on  number, If the result also the same number as you bet then you will get x7 profit means Rs.350/- double Rs.100/- But if Red comes then you will lose Rs.50/-
  • See the below rules which mentioned in colour prediction game
  • Every 3 minutes the colour pattern will change. You have 2 minutes and 30 seconds time for placing order. Last 30 seconds for result.
  • If you spend Rs.100/- to trade, you will get Rs.98/- after deducting Rs.2/- commission.
  • Order on Green – If the results shows green colour (1,3,7,9) you will get (98*2) Rs.196/-
  • If the result shows 5, Green with Violet then you will get (98*1.5) Rs.147/-
  • Order on Red – If the results shows red colour (2,4,6,8) you will get (98*2) Rs.196/-
  • If the result shows 0, Red with Violet then you will get (98*1.5) Rs.147/-
  • Order Violet colour – If violet colour (0,5) comes on result you will get (98*4.5) Rs.441/-
  • Order Violet on Number (0 or 5) – If the result is correct the you will get (98*9) Rs.882/-
  • You can place your order on both colour and number as your wish, and this will be open for 24/7. You can play any time and make money with your mobile phone.
  • How to recharge colour prediction game
  • Colour prediction game has many payment options, you can add money in your wallet using UPI minimum amount is Rs.100/-
  • Also you can add money by using your Debit and Credit cards and this method also have minimum amount of Rs.100/-

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